It takes two types of people behind a company to become successful; a visionary and an integrator. Visionaries key to a successful business. True visionaries only count for 3% of the population. In order to stay on track, you need an integrator to support you and compliment your strengths. The top organizations needed both key people to create what they are today. Alone you can not do it all. 

Visionaries are typically entrepreneurs. Almost all the time visionaries are owners and CEOs. They are the problem solvers and the creator. They know how to inspire and pass on the touch. A lot of time the same day-to-day tasks trap visionaries from achieving where they want to go. They can no do it all.  

Visionary have the passion and backbone to the company. They are the vision casters and dream up the possibilities of where to go. They create the energy and big picture. They are the ones that create the ideas, not all good but they have ideas. They are the problem solvers and figure out different ways of completing tasks. 

Visionaries are not so good at focusing in on the little details or implementing systems. One of the hardest parts might be for the leadership to let go of some tasks. It requires full trust in the integrator to fulfill the plans. Integrators communicate to seek out information, not directions, but ideas then add the details to implement the dream. 

Both the visionaries and the integrators must be crystal clear on the mission and on the same page. Are you a visionary? Do you know your role? Who is your integrator? 


Here is the quiz to find out where you are on the spectrum: