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Wake Up Wednesday - Charlie's Victory - Week 3

by James & Amy Lombardi

Continuing through learning about Charlie’s story it is about the discipline he had instilled in his life from a young age. Charlie always looked up to his father who had a foundation of a positive attitude no matter what. He faced every circumstance not as barriers but as challenges to overcome. They were always focused on family and sport. Lucy fit right into this foundation and their background supported them and encouraged them to do the same with facing ALS. She became his solid rock to encourage Charlie to keep pushing forward.

They learned how to enjoy the beauty around them and to appreciate the blessings they have. The Wedemeyer’s realized fast they can not stop living or celebrating life. They learned how to keep laughing. With that attitude, they faced ALS and started to try everything no matter what it took. Charlie quickly figured out that life seemed worth living for and continued to teach and coach football. He focused on something other than his illness to keep pushing forward. Perspective matters, the words and thoughts you have create the world around you.

The main challenge Charlie faced as he continued to get worse was not the adjustment but he resented how everything affected the lives of the people around him. It was more of an embarrassment of needing and having to ask for help. This especially was hard because he used to rely on and got reactions from what he physically was able to do through football.

With the regression of his health, Lucy had to step forward. Charlie could no longer teach but continued to coach despite the challenges. The assistant coaches were on board with it and Lucy joined the team as well. She would attend practices, learned the plays, and help Charlie communicate and move around the field. Others saw this as a burden that she had to take on but again her perspective pushed through. She saw this as an opportunity to learn more about his world and share in the passion of football with him in a whole new way, something that would have never of happened if it was not for ALS. The coaching staff and players respected him and showed their affection year after year by keeping him a part of the team. He was their head coach, no questions asked.

Facing the challenges and pushing through led to them eventually going public and being featured on a TV. At first, they were hesitant on moving forward and opening the door to their life to the public but figured it would be worth it. The teacher heart in him saw the opportunity to help at least one person which made it all worth wild. They saw the positive reaction and was overwhelmed but what their story meant to others. This gave them a new purpose of helping others through challenging situations. They had to daily push themselves to get more out of life, to step outside of their comfort zone. They became apart of others lives.


Wake Up Wednesday - Charlie's Victory - Week 2

by James & Amy Lombardi

This is an incredible story of the discipline and determination that Charlie faced each day with. The first part of this book explained their life before and during the diagnosis. They were just a normal couple that fell in love at a young age and lived life to the fullest. When Charlie was diagnosed with ALS that foundation of love and pursuing life was put to the full test. It was because this foundation that they were able to overcome the day to day struggles.

Lucy was a steady rock for Charlie. The day when they found out Charlie had ALS and was only given one year to live forced them to have a brand new perspective. Lucy realized, “the whole world doesn’t stop when they tell you your husband is dying.” This came as another challenge where they wanted and needed to be successful in overcoming this diagnosis of ALS.

Reading their story makes you realize the basic things you take for granted day to day. When the ALS progressed so did the challenges for normal activities. Just to get out of the house it would take 2 to 3 hours. That is with the experiences and a great system for doing everything. The little things such as shaving his face now became a long process. Lucy was there with him and caring for him every step of the way.

Through the challenges, they saw the importance of appreciating the things you have rather than on what is lost. It would be easy for them in those daily moments to get angry and bitter but they decided early on that this was not going to let their life stop. For that reason, Charlie continued to coach. Everyone could see the joy that coaching football brought to Charlie’s life and that it gave him purpose. Instead of focusing on what he was unable to do he focused on what brought him joy and celebrated how he could still do what he loved, even if there had to be modifications.

Lucy and Charlie have such a positive perspective that became contagious. Everyone could learn something from their attitude and approach to each daily struggle. Everything around you does not stop when something bad happens. It is at that time you need to figure out how to keep moving forward, hopefully, that answer comes fast. Tackle each day as they come and make life what you want it to be.

Learn more about their story here:

Wake Up Wednesday - Charlie's Victory - Week 1

by James & Amy Lombardi


The book for the month of June hits close to home for James. Charlie’s Victory is an autobiography of his high school football coach! This book overflows with Charlie slogan, “I live to give others hope.” Charlie Wedemeyer was an incredible football player from Hawaii who ended up playing at Michigan State. After his college career, he became a high school football coach in California. In the 80’s Charlie Wedemeyer was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Meaning the nerve cells that controlled all his muscles were slowing dying. The life expectancy of ALS patients is around three years, the doctors gave Charlie one year to live, but that never stopped him.

Charlie never let ALS take over his life and he, along with his wife Lucy, decided to make the most of it. Even with the terminal illness slowing taking over he continued to coach and live life to the fullest. At the age of 40, Charlie coached his last football game at Los Gatos High School. At that point, years after the diagnoses, Charlie could no longer walk, so Lucy drove him in a golf cart; he could no longer talk. so Lucy read his lips and shared with the players. When he eventually had to go on life support, his team took the California’s Central Coast Championship. 

“Death is but the conclusion. It doesn’t really matter when or how it comes. What counts is the living we squeeze in until then.”

Charlie lived a full life and traveled the world as a motivational and inspirational speaker, the majority of the time with Lucy reading his lips. There have been movies and documentaries sharing their story. This book continues those stories from their perspective. It redefines marriage and commitment and shows hope. This is a story directly from Charlie and Lucy that shows how committed they were to embrace the challenges that came their way.

Wake Up Wednesday - The Energy Bus - Week 5

by James & Amy Lombardi

The Energy Bus has been a great, easy read with principles that are easy to apply within our team. Through this process, we can see that it is more fun on the bus together. The last three rules really drive home the point. Joy plays a key role in George being successful and finding his purpose. With a strong team, you can accomplish just about anything.

Rule #8 Love your Passengers

This rule is critical because you can’t fake it. You must be genuine in how you love and lead the people around you. Looking at any successful team you see athletes who love their teammates so much that they would do anything for them. Creating this environment comes from selfless love towards one another. It starts from the leader creating that safe culture.

Rule #9 Drive with Purpose

Can you honestly say you are living with purpose? Purpose is often found through service. George and his team worth their purpose statement to keep that in focus when they are doing the day to day tasks. For our team, as you may already know, we are partnered with 1Mission and donate towards their organization with every closing. Then we also travel to Rocky Point, Mexico in November to build a house a family living in poverty. Even though the physical work is exhausting, it brings such joy knowing we are helping a family in need. Focusing on that joy and remembering that we are doing something more than just paperwork and emails makes it all worthwhile.  

Rule #10 Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride

Growing up we have all heard the quote, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” Can you say that about your current role? The perfect illustration is about kids playing outside all day long. They never get tired because they are energized by what they are doing and who they are with. Is your work environment energizing for you, the actual work you are doing and the people you are doing it with?

The Energy Bus can be applied to more than just business. How did this book affect you and what rule resonated with you the most? Integrating these rules and surround yourself with people who will support you.


Wake Up Wednesday - The Energy Bus - Week 4

by James & Amy Lombardi


Leaning into the lessons from last week with keeping negativity away rule 6 repeats the same principle. You are either move forward or backward. You are either being energized or drained. The more you worry about it the more control it will have over you.

Rule # 6 Post a sign that says “No Energy Vampires Allowed” on your bus.

No Energy Vampires are those who are draining your energy. Negativity will spread fast from a team. It is time to have the support and create positive influences. The majority of the time that will take a very intentional action to reset focus on what truly matters instead of getting worn down by the negative energy.

Rule #7 Enthusiasm attracts more passengers and energizes them during the ride.

Isn’t it amazing how much our attitude and mindset will affect the day? It often spreads to the people you are with as well. Be the CEO - Chief Energy Officer - lead through being excited, positive and optimistic about the day ahead. People notice your attitude and presence more than the product most times. A positive culture will create success and outperform negative cultures any day of the week.

Individuals, especially in our culture, are striving to be successful and want to be associated with those who are. There is something attractive about the confidence and culture that success brings. The same could be true with your team and the company. People will naturally want to become a part of the what is happening. Having enthusiasm and others that buy into the culture will drive you further than anything else.

Are you enjoying your job and attracting others through enthusiasm?

Wake Up Wednesday - The Energy Bus - Week 3

by James & Amy Lombardi

Have you been talking about your golf shot? Does the vision of success encourage you? In order for others to believe in you and success, you have to believe and get excited about it. Sharing your vision is one of the first steps. But it’s not all about the vision it ultimately comes down to the buy-in of the vision. George printed our tickets to get on the bus. Having this physical agreement for the team made the journey and path of the bus clear.

Rule #4: Invite people on your bus and share your vision for the road ahead.

If you remember for Rocket Fuel, they prioritized the importance of Same Page meetings. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day task of the jobs. Often times putting your head down and working is the worst thing for your team. Back to another analogy; if you start heading towards a destination and you are 1% off that difference won’t make that large of an effect 5 minutes in you’ll still be on the right path. But once you are 5 hours headed in that direction the difference now become noticeable. The vision needs to line up or else month or two down the road your team will not be headed in the same directions and fighting against each other.

Rule #5: Don’t waste your energy on those who don’t get on your bus.

You need people on your bus that are going to continually push you forward. It might be tough to face the difference at the beginning, but if there is no synergy at the start it will be a trainwreck at the end. You are either moving forward or moving backward. Which direction are you willing to take? Are you all on the same page and pushing each other to grow? The vision sets the tone for where you are headed and it needs support from everyone to get there. If people are not willing to get all in it is not worth it to have them slow down the bus for everyone else.

Who is on your bus?

Wake Up Wednesday - The Energy Bus - Week 2

by James & Amy Lombardi

The 10 rules for the ride of your life has continued to shape our team approach. This week we took the extra time to review our goals we set at the beginning of the year. We were moving forward but did not keep our goals front of mind. It was a good reminder to slow down and refocus to make sure our bus was moving in the right direction. Rule #2: “Desire, Vision, and Focus move your bus in the right direction.” In reviewing the goals as the team we looked at the big picture then we were able to break it down into what needed to happen now and this month to achieve it.

Visualization is a huge component of success. Visualizing success actually happening is what holds the majority of people back. Our minds are powerful and the mental part of achieving something is often the strongest obstacle we will face. Mentality towards a situation is often a huge block of what we can achieve. Think about what you want to do, not what you don't want to do. Rule #3 aligns with this form of thinking. “Fuel your Ride with Positive Energy.” Focusing on the positive outcomes and holding a good attitude is fuel to get your bus in the right direction. One of the big takeaways for our team was the practice of ending each day with success. The goal is to go to bed and think of something good that happened that day. Ending with a positive attitude creates that same attitude for the next day. It is easy to get ran down with the day to day issues but refocusing on what you are doing well will help overcome the negativity weighing you down.

The golf shot analogy was easy for us to understand. When going golfing you will make good and bad shots through the entire course. Once you’re off the course talking with other you only share about the great shot that you made. In celebrating that shot it naturally makes you want to play more; even though you know there will be bad shots from time to time. In life, we need to celebrate more of the good shots that we make and not stay focused on the bad. Are you visualizing making the great shot or do you get the old water ball out in fear that your swing might lead you to the water? Life is like the grip you have on the club. We tend to desire a tight grip on life with lots of control but any golfer would know with a tight grip you actually have less control. Relaxing the grip will result in a better outcome. Give up control and celebrate the great shots that you make.

Wake Up Wednesday - The Energy Bus - Week 1

by James & Amy Lombardi

The month of May our team is reading through the 10 secrets revealed in The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. He shares the 10 rules for life, work, and team with positive energy. This again is nothing we have never heard but again good to hear and refocus on. Jon Gordon walks through the life of ‘George’ to show the stress of life and work and the change that is made when he meets a bus driver and passengers. Through the journey, he learns the 10 rules of how to enjoy the ride of life.

Everyone faces difficult challenges. Everyone wants to be the best. Everyone wants to be successful. Looking through experiences of other leaders, teams, successful business, and athletes Gordon uses the story of George to show the effect of energy. Sitting on the bus you look forward with a positive attitude to overcome the adversity that might come your way. This bus moves forward past all the negativity that your destroy your environment and your team. This book builds upon strengths of having a good attitude and positive outlook. The example of George is how the majority of team members feel stuck no longer moving forward. The rules he learns on the bus changes his life, his job, his marriage and his perspective.

One of the first rules is “You are the driver of the bus.” Ultimately, you are in control and you are only in control of yourself. When you take responsibility and sit in the driver seat about your energy and attitude towards each and every action. You are responsible for the direction your life is headed. It is easy to become complacent and let others take over and control your attitude. It is time to take charge and drive the bus. It is empowering when you become responsible for your dreams and end destination. Join us this month to learn the rules and see the change in direction from being on the energy bus!


Wake Up Wednesday - The Four Agreements - Week 4

by James & Amy Lombardi

“When you don’t do your best, you are denying yourself the right to be you.” - Don Miguel Ruiz

The four agreement - Always Do Your Best - is the most important. It guards against the self-judgment. You are only able to control yourself and your attitude towards a situation. If you are satisfied with how you are handling or approach an issue and you did your best then that is all you can do.

As an athlete, there will be opponents that might be more talented than you at times. Always doing your best is the heart of any competitor though. Just giving up because the competition is too strong will never make you successful. On the other hand, if you can walk away from the court or field knowing that you gave it your all and tried as hard as you could, then you can hold your head up high. There is nothing wrong with doing your best, even if your best is not always successful. There will be moments when success will not happen, no matter how hard you try. You will get in arguments, no matter how kind you are. You will eventually get hurt, no matter how careful you are. Just remember, alway do your best.

Applying the agreements help you live with abundance rather than sacristy. It is challenging for major of people wanting to be protective and frugal having control over every circumstance. You are the reason you can not get what you want.  Every moment will change and be different depending on your attitude and how to approach it. Are you content with how you had different situation and circumstances? If you strive to do the best you can avoid the judgment and regret.

Through the years we have developed habits of how we express ourselves. This often happens unconsciously. The step of applying these agreements you must make the conscious effect to notice how you respond. This will not happen over night and will take some time to change and become aware to successfully apply these agreements. Just like learning anything new for the first time, there will be challenges and struggles along the way. Those stumbling blocks will make you grow and should push you in the right direction to keep going. Keep pushing through to applying these one day at the time.  

Wake Up Wednesday - The Four Agreements - Week 3

by James & Amy Lombardi

Don’t make assumptions.

This is the third agreement of this book. The problem with making assumptions is that we believe they are true. Far too often we are afraid to ask for clarification on a situation which leads to negative assumption leading to suffering. This experience could be positive and make fantasies real then be leading to a fake dream. Having assumptions is asking for problems. Feelings get confusing and most of the time the assumptions lead to problems.

We think everyone else should be and are just like us. Meaning we assume everyone thinks, views, feels and judges the way we do. There is a fear and lack of freedom when we believe those assumptions. It automatically lowers the self-view which is dangerous. There will often be things you will not like about someone. If you try to change someone it will never work and they will never feel loved or accepted. If they change it is because they wanted to change.

Communications should be clean and clear. It will create freedom and what humans desire for all relationships. It is difficult to communicate honestly because others will take it personally and often we are not impeccable with our word. Each agreement could transform how you feel and view everything within your life. Find that freedom to run from the gossip and face the truth without assumption. Gain the clarity you need.

The Four Agreements digs into how we are telling the story. Our perspectives on a situation could easily change the outcome. Let these agreements refine your thinking to better your life and create happiness. Have you applied any of these agreements? How has it changed your perspective on those situations or individuals?

Find the truth and be brave enough to ask tough questions.

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