The 4 Disciplines of Execution are strategies for all leaders and teams to make real changes for better results. 4DX is the process that organization use to keep up with craziness in the business world. Getting people to change is the real challenge of most leaders and the reason majority of goals are not achieved. From a business standpoint, change is good and necessary. You need to always be improving. Lasting changes require that people change their behavior. Through the month of July our team is reading through this book and diving into the four disciplines:

• Focusing on the Wildly Important Goals (WIG)

• Acting on Lead Measures

• Keeping a Compelling Scoreboard

• Creating a Cadence of Accountability

The first discipline is focusing on the wildly important goals (WIG). This is a very specific goal that is ranked higher than all other and it is so important that nothing else matters. It is natural to want to do more but the more you try to do, the less you’ll be able to focus on and put effort into individual tasks. If you want to achieve something truly excellent, you have to concentrate on it. Prioritize the one or two goals that will have an impact on your team’s performance and can come from within the whirlwind. Whirlwinds are daily tasks that take up your time and drain your creative energy. The purpose is to see improvement. WIG should not function like a vision or a mission statement. It’s about outlining a clear goal that the whole team will work towards. Each WIG must have a beginning and end goal by a specific time and date. Gain buy-in from the team and focus on the WIG.

What is your Wildly Important Goal?