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Our Approach



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Preparing Your Home For The Market

Did you know that when buying or selling a home the typical consumer will come in contact w/
17 different agents? And did you know that 16 out of the 17 agents you’ve connected with just
aren’t very experienced or active in our market. I’d like to share with you the most important
considerations you should make when evaluating Realtors. After 12 years in the business I can
say with absolute certainty there are two different business models that agents operate and
nearly all follow the sales approach:

A prospective buyer or seller gets introduced to a Realtor at an open house, thru the Internet or
by calling a yard sign. Most consumers want to cut straight to the chase and work with the first
Realtor that shows them a house. Or worse yet they decide having several Realtors running
around for them is even better. Unfortunately they have just set themselves up for failure and
here's why… Agents that don’t take the time to educate you on the process are always poor
communicators, poor negotiators, unprofessional, full of excuses and are only focused on
collecting a commission check. You will feel pressured to make decisions, confused about the
process, not sure if you paid a fair price and not sure if anybody really cares about you. This is
the typical approach that 95% of agents follow in our business and it always leads to a bad
experience for the consumer.

Our approach is a customer service model. You may get introduced to us the same way as any
other agent, but during your evaluation process we are going to focus on understanding your
needs and care about your well being. We will share our knowledge and expertise and earn
your trust so that we can build a lasting relationship. We will service your needs w/ gratitude and
focus on doing what’s right, not what’s easy. We are in business to serve our clients to the point
they become a fan of us. They are excited to share their experience with others by writing a
customer review, sending us referrals and using our services again and again.

If you or someone you know is planning to buy or sell a home this year we’d be honored to
serve you. Please contact James & Amy Lombardi w/ RE/MAX Professionals at 602-888-1682
or email info@TheLombardiTeam.com

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**Top 1% of Agents is measured by annual sales volume and/or total transactions**