Leaning into the lessons from last week with keeping negativity away rule 6 repeats the same principle. You are either move forward or backward. You are either being energized or drained. The more you worry about it the more control it will have over you.

Rule # 6 Post a sign that says “No Energy Vampires Allowed” on your bus.

No Energy Vampires are those who are draining your energy. Negativity will spread fast from a team. It is time to have the support and create positive influences. The majority of the time that will take a very intentional action to reset focus on what truly matters instead of getting worn down by the negative energy.

Rule #7 Enthusiasm attracts more passengers and energizes them during the ride.

Isn’t it amazing how much our attitude and mindset will affect the day? It often spreads to the people you are with as well. Be the CEO - Chief Energy Officer - lead through being excited, positive and optimistic about the day ahead. People notice your attitude and presence more than the product most times. A positive culture will create success and outperform negative cultures any day of the week.

Individuals, especially in our culture, are striving to be successful and want to be associated with those who are. There is something attractive about the confidence and culture that success brings. The same could be true with your team and the company. People will naturally want to become a part of the what is happening. Having enthusiasm and others that buy into the culture will drive you further than anything else.

Are you enjoying your job and attracting others through enthusiasm?