For the month of April, our team will be reading and actively applying the principles from The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz. This book is again about perspectives and how to refine your thinking to better your life and create happiness. It is broken down into four different agreements. 

Your life is nothing more than a dream and you are the one controlling how that dream plays out. … Gives the example of the smoking mirror. This is when you look into the mirror and all you see are the issues. The issues that you have created for yourself. You don’t really see yourself but you are clouded with the smoke between you and the mirror. The smoke that you have allowed to be there. 

From birth, we have been programmed from everyone and everything telling us what to believe and how we should act or behave in different situations. Life often causes fear which then puts you in a position of being unhappy. This book focuses on changing yourself to live in a positive dream. Changing your perspective to get rid of all stress and fear to create love and happiness in your life. 

The first agreement of the four is to be impeccable with your word. This is one of the most powerful agreements. It is all about living in the truth. Words create the reality and are more powerful than we seem to believe. Whatever we are willing to tell ourselves will become reality. Learning how to speak the truth and build up not only yourself but others as well can change your entire life. Run from gossip and lies. Realize the power of your words and use them in the direction of truth and love. Speak with integrity.