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Wake Up Wednesday - The Four Agreements - Week 4

by James & Amy Lombardi

“When you don’t do your best, you are denying yourself the right to be you.” - Don Miguel Ruiz

The four agreement - Always Do Your Best - is the most important. It guards against the self-judgment. You are only able to control yourself and your attitude towards a situation. If you are satisfied with how you are handling or approach an issue and you did your best then that is all you can do.

As an athlete, there will be opponents that might be more talented than you at times. Always doing your best is the heart of any competitor though. Just giving up because the competition is too strong will never make you successful. On the other hand, if you can walk away from the court or field knowing that you gave it your all and tried as hard as you could, then you can hold your head up high. There is nothing wrong with doing your best, even if your best is not always successful. There will be moments when success will not happen, no matter how hard you try. You will get in arguments, no matter how kind you are. You will eventually get hurt, no matter how careful you are. Just remember, alway do your best.

Applying the agreements help you live with abundance rather than sacristy. It is challenging for major of people wanting to be protective and frugal having control over every circumstance. You are the reason you can not get what you want.  Every moment will change and be different depending on your attitude and how to approach it. Are you content with how you had different situation and circumstances? If you strive to do the best you can avoid the judgment and regret.

Through the years we have developed habits of how we express ourselves. This often happens unconsciously. The step of applying these agreements you must make the conscious effect to notice how you respond. This will not happen over night and will take some time to change and become aware to successfully apply these agreements. Just like learning anything new for the first time, there will be challenges and struggles along the way. Those stumbling blocks will make you grow and should push you in the right direction to keep going. Keep pushing through to applying these one day at the time.  

Wake Up Wednesday - The Four Agreements - Week 3

by James & Amy Lombardi

Don’t make assumptions.

This is the third agreement of this book. The problem with making assumptions is that we believe they are true. Far too often we are afraid to ask for clarification on a situation which leads to negative assumption leading to suffering. This experience could be positive and make fantasies real then be leading to a fake dream. Having assumptions is asking for problems. Feelings get confusing and most of the time the assumptions lead to problems.

We think everyone else should be and are just like us. Meaning we assume everyone thinks, views, feels and judges the way we do. There is a fear and lack of freedom when we believe those assumptions. It automatically lowers the self-view which is dangerous. There will often be things you will not like about someone. If you try to change someone it will never work and they will never feel loved or accepted. If they change it is because they wanted to change.

Communications should be clean and clear. It will create freedom and what humans desire for all relationships. It is difficult to communicate honestly because others will take it personally and often we are not impeccable with our word. Each agreement could transform how you feel and view everything within your life. Find that freedom to run from the gossip and face the truth without assumption. Gain the clarity you need.

The Four Agreements digs into how we are telling the story. Our perspectives on a situation could easily change the outcome. Let these agreements refine your thinking to better your life and create happiness. Have you applied any of these agreements? How has it changed your perspective on those situations or individuals?

Find the truth and be brave enough to ask tough questions.

Wake Up Wednesday - The Four Agreements - Week 2

by James & Amy Lombardi

This book is a great concise read! It has already changed the perspectives we are approaching different situations with, both personally and professionally. Most of the time the picture we paint for ourselves is an inaccurate story of the actual situation. We often, especially in America, care about the opinions of other people far too much. The majority of the time those people don’t even know you or hold the same values in their lives.

The 2nd Agreement: Don’t take anything personally.

Opinions are just that opinions, they change from day to day and are inconsistent depending on who you are speaking with. Why should we believe full heartedly and read into someone's opinion? Being able to transform your dream of reality leads to freedom and the mastery of life. There is freedom when you are able to look past the opinions and actions of others and move forward. Don’t take everything personal.

Nothing other people do or say is because of you; it is ultimate because of themselves. There are so many other factors that pour into how someone treats us. Their actions and how they respond are mostly about them and rarely about how you are acting. It is learning to realize the root of the issue and not take things personally. What others say or do is a projection of their reality and how they are feeling, not about you.

“Write this agreement on paper, and put it on your refrigerator to remind you all the time: Don’t take anything personally.” - Don Miguel Ruiz

Wake Up Wednesday - The Four Agreements - Week 1

by James & Amy Lombardi

For the month of April, our team will be reading and actively applying the principles from The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz. This book is again about perspectives and how to refine your thinking to better your life and create happiness. It is broken down into four different agreements. 

Your life is nothing more than a dream and you are the one controlling how that dream plays out. … Gives the example of the smoking mirror. This is when you look into the mirror and all you see are the issues. The issues that you have created for yourself. You don’t really see yourself but you are clouded with the smoke between you and the mirror. The smoke that you have allowed to be there. 

From birth, we have been programmed from everyone and everything telling us what to believe and how we should act or behave in different situations. Life often causes fear which then puts you in a position of being unhappy. This book focuses on changing yourself to live in a positive dream. Changing your perspective to get rid of all stress and fear to create love and happiness in your life. 

The first agreement of the four is to be impeccable with your word. This is one of the most powerful agreements. It is all about living in the truth. Words create the reality and are more powerful than we seem to believe. Whatever we are willing to tell ourselves will become reality. Learning how to speak the truth and build up not only yourself but others as well can change your entire life. Run from gossip and lies. Realize the power of your words and use them in the direction of truth and love. Speak with integrity. 

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